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What Are The Benefits of Ryer Kickboxing?

Members have seen results from an increase in strength and endurance, to the lose of almost one hundred pounds, to an overall increase in confidence. As with all of our programs, the main difference between this fitness program and others is simply the people involved! You will be surrounded by people, just like you, with a passion to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

When Are The Classes?

Ryer Academy offers weekday and weekend Kickboxing classes. The classes are sixty minutes long. The Kickboxing  classes are held at 6:30pm Monday through Thursday; Tuesday and Thursday as 12pm; Friday at 5:30pm; as well as 11am on Saturdays.

What Is The Cost?

Ryer Academy offers month-to-month memberships based on the number of classes you attend each week.
One Class Every Week - $59/month for individuals or $50.15/month for college students
Two Classes Every Week - $99/month for individuals or $84.15/month for college students
Unlimited Classes - $129/month for individuals or $109.65/month for college students

How Do I Get Started?

Please take a moment and fill out the form. When you submit this information, you're invited to a free week of classes at Ryer Academy and a staff member will promptly contact you to schedule your first visit.

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