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Josh Ryer

What You Really Need To Start In Martial Arts And Fitness

“I don’t have any experience.”

“My child is not disciplined or focused enough to take martial arts.”

“I need to get in shape before I try something like that.”

You’ve heard it. You might even be thinking it right now! Over the years I have heard these sayings and many others from people who are interested or have participated in just a few classes at Ryer Academy. Just yesterday I heard something very similar and I feel obligated to talk to you about it…

The truth is that the whole point of starting a journey in the martial arts and fitness environment at Ryer Academy is to discover these very things you feel you need! You don’t need them before you walk through our door. We --the instructors, coaches, staff, and fellow members-- are here to help you attain the experience; to guide your child to develop discipline and focus in their life; as well as motivate you to fulfill that level of fitness you desire! Yes it’s going to be a challenge; a tough workout; and going to require a lot of patience. But that’s what it’s all about! We strive to create and maintain a welcoming and inspiring setting so that people of all ages and all walks of life can enjoy their training, grow, and progress to levels they never thought they could. But wait… there are two things you will need!

You need to try your best and give yourself time to see progress.  You need to make a promise to yourself to walk through our door and give it your all. And I don’t mean one try. I’m talking about a lifetime commitment to your health, safety, and wellness. The rest is right there for you to discover!
August 9, 2012